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Hey Neighbour! - Getting Started

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hey Neighbour! is a grassroots campaign birthed out of Illawarra Prayer Breakfast's, Together for the Illawarra. This initiative is aimed to empower, activate, and unify churches across the Illawarra to be a blessing to their communities. Whether it be through prayer, community assistance, or connecting with church community, we are looking forward with great anticipation of what the future holds for our region.

A picture worth a thousand words .. so we give you a video instead of an essay about Hey Neighbour! :)

If you are interested to be part of 20 local churches OR to be part of the team, go to our Home Page and click 'Get Involved'

This Blog section will be used to serve two purposes:

  1. for wider community to find the latest news & info

  2. for churches & organisations who are part of the initiative to find and download resources. You need to subscribe as a member to access the resources.

Stay tuned!

For more information on our values behind Hey Neighbour! click the following link:

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