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How to be a part of the team.

Hey Neighbour! requires all volunteers to go through an onboarding process to ensure consistency, unity, and sustainable operation. With one of our values being collaborative engagement we aspire to engage the wider body of Christ with a variety of gifts. The goal of this process is to make sure all volunteers receive the same training required in order to serve our community with excellence.

The steps of this process are outlined below:

  1. There are many different volunteer roles you can serve in with Hey Neighbour. Some of these include: prayer coordinator, community assistance coordinator, church liaison, etc.

  2. You'll first need to fill out the volunteer form which you can access here.

  3. Your submission will then go into our database from which we will use to contact you.

  4. From there, we will contact your church for a reference check

  5. After this, we'll begin training and go through the proper protocol in order to best support our community needs

  6. YAY! you're ready to serve.

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