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RESOURCES: Conversation Starters

Here are some helpful examples of bridging statements/ questions for evangelism. Thanks to Hazel Nisbet from Woonona Presbyterian Community Church for this amazing resource.

  • "You know I am a Christian but I’ve never told you how that came to be"

  • "What are the joys and challenges in your life right now?"

  • "What are you passionate about?"

  • "Have you ever felt that God let you down?"

  • "Do you have a spiritual belief? (Ask questions about their faith)"

  • "When have you felt near or far from God?"

  • "If God was to do anything to meet a need in your life, what would that be?"

  • "If God was to do a miracle in your life, or the life of someone you love, what would it be? Can I pray for that right now? God did a miracle in my life…"

  • "Do you ever long for us to have a deeper conversation?"

  • "I want you to know ... Do you know ...?"

  • Share a Bible story/Jesus story from memory - see what impact it had, “What gets your attention in that story?"

  • Share Jesus’ wisdom:

eg “Where you treasure is there will your heart be also

  • Your story: you don’t need to ask permission to tell your story!

  • Give a Bible / Gospel

  • Ask God for bridging statements ☺

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