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RESOURCES: Prayer Walking

Here is a helpful guide to prayer walking the streets of your neighbourhood

Be at ease

Prayer walking is a low-profile affair. Friends or family stroll two-by-two through their neighbourhood praying quietly as they go.

Though they usually walk unnoticed, prayer walkers quickly become aware of the realities and needs of their neighbours.

How to do it

You can prayer walk alone but sometimes we find our prayers more focused when expressed with another person. So pray audibly for clarity and agreement.

Invite the Holy Spirit to accompany you to guide your steps and words.

Be attentive, allowing the Holy Spirit to help you see with His eyes and pray with accordance with His heart.

Pray for businesses you pass and schools and other organisations that they would prosper and act with integrity within the community.

Address God directly, asking Him to save people and to restrain the enemy. Pray against any strongholds or issues in the area- against addictions, abuse, family breakdown, financial tensions, unemployment.

Pray blessing on the single people, families, parents, marriages, youth and children, the elderly.

Pray for God’s breath on the homes, preparing them for our upcoming visit- softening their heart, making them aware of their sin and great need for Jesus.

Pray that they will be sensitized to want to know more about Jesus and kept from distractions.

Thank you to Hazel Nisbet (Woonona Presbyterian Community Church) for providing this resource.

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